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Plumbing Tips

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Do you splash out for a plumber every time your sink clogs or your loo blocks? If so, its worth learning a little DIY. Many issues can be resolved without professional help, but be sure to follow these five handy tips " so you don't make the problem worse! Use quality parts and foremost, its essential to use high-quality parts " so visit a reputable home store and buy everything you need. Rubber washers tend to last longer than ceramic alternatives (as theyre strong with a decent grip) and opt for brass screws (as they wont corrode easily). If youre unsure what to purchase, ask a salesman for help and advice and look for discounts on useful materials.

Gather the right tools

Before you start any job, ensure you've got all the right tools. Having everything nearby will make your life a lot easier and will stop you panicking half way through a task. Keep in mind that you might need more equipment than you first think, so do your research prior to carrying out any task. If you're really not sure what you're doing, arrange appliance repairs with Drain Master Plumbing & Rooter just in case.

Check handbooks and instruction guides

If you have got a manufacturers handbook or an instruction booklet nearby, check the maintenance advice on offer. There might be some useful tips you can take on board before you start unscrewing nuts and bolts and taking apart joints. Repairs are not always easy, so learn all you can before you commit to the task and avoid these five common plumbing mistakes highlighted by experts.

Know the basics

When it comes to plumbing, knowing the basics will really help. For instance, always leave enough time to carry out a job and turn off the water valve before starting " or you could end up flooding your house. Whats more, never attach copper to steel (as copper tends to erode quicker) and don't leave threaded joints unsealed, unless you want water to fly everywhere!

Take out plumbing insurance

Its essential to take out pluming insurance with a well-respected service provider " just to be on the safe side. This will protect you in an emergency and should cover the cost of maintenance and repairs if something goes wrong. Opt for the best policy out there and you could save yourself a lot of money in the long run " which is important during these economically unstable times.

Plumbing can be fun, but you must know what you're doing and if you don't, give us a call and we will glady help.

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