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Los Angeles Plumbing FAQs

If a piece of jewelry was dropped down the drain line, is there any chance of retrieving it?

Definitely! As soon as you notice what’s happened, be sure to stop running water down the sink or tub. Excess water can push the lost piece further down the drainpipe, making it more difficult to recover.

Water is gushing out of my faucet and won’t shut off! What do I do?

Most water fixtures have an emergency shut off valve underneath them that can be turned off to stop the flow of water. If that doesn’t work, trying shutting off the valve above your hot water heater (for hot water leaks). If all else fails, you can shut off the main valve that powers the entire home. Water damage is super expensive – be sure to call Drain Master Plumbing & Rooter ASAP when a faucet starts gushing so we can prevent costly damage to your home.

Does your company perform copper re-pipes?

Yes, we do perform copper re-pipes.

Are Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration systems worth putting in?

Reverse Osmosis systems are great for the planet – and your pocketbook. By cutting back on pricey bottled water purchases, you’ll save a bundle and reduce landfill waste at the same time.

What are Eco solution water systems?

Eco-solution water systems are salt-free systems that help soften water. Interested in having one installed? Contact Drain Master Plumbing & Rooter today for more details!

What’s all the hoopla about tankless water heaters?

Tankless water heaters are like hybrid cars - they only produce hot water when it’s needed. This saves you a ton of power and money. Most of the time you’ll also qualify for a snazzy federal tax credit when you have your tankless heater installed.

Does Drain Master Plumbing & Rooter have night and weekend hours?

The Drain Master Plumbing & Rooter is available by appointment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t worry about bothering clients during working hours or shutting down your business in the middle of the day. We come to you, when it’s convenient – for you.

Our house is so clean you could eat off the floor. How will you keep it that way?

We pride ourselves on leaving your home cleaner than before we came. It’s what we’re known for – cleanliness and respect. Special precautions and techniques are put into place to ensure that your home remains pristine.

There are so many plumbing companies in LA. Why should we choose you?

Twenty years in business has taught us what our customers value most